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Dec 01

Late 16th/Early 17th century embroidered jacket


So, back in 2009 while strolling through the Los Angeles fabric district, I came across this fabric in a hole-in-the-wall store:   A lovely silk taffeta with the most spot-on reproduction machine Elizabethan embroidery I had ever seen.  And the guy had about 1.5 yards of it.  Naturally, I bought it all with the intent …

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Feb 01

Tutorial: How to do a rolled hem by hand


One of the most challenging, frustrating fabrics to work with (at least, for ME) is chiffon.  Over the years I’ve learned various tips and tricks to working with it – some quick and dirty (machined hems!), and some time-consuming, but beautiful.  One of the prettiest techniques is doing a rolled hem by hand.  It’s a little …

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Jan 22

‘Tudor Tailor’ kirtle and English Fitted Gown – complete!

736287_10151387962549669_1126164122_o (1)

It’s done!  And I must admit, I’m fairly pleased with how it turned out.  Pleased enough that I already have a second ensemble planned out in my head – more neutral tones (a lovely brown/cream herringbone wool for the gown, and something more sedate for the kirtle), which I feel more comfortable in. Atlantia’s Twelfth …

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Dec 04

‘Tudor Tailor’ kirtle – progress!


Progress continues on the ‘Tudor Tailor’ kirtle! For the skirt, originally I had cut three 52″ rectangular panels of the silk, flatlined to 3.5oz linen, and tried to knife-pleat that to the bodice.  The skirt laughed at me.  No, really.  It doubled over in laughter at the IDEA that I could pleat that much fabric …

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Aug 26

Hodgepodge garb – putting items together and making do.


This is what we call “throwing money at a problem”. I’m in between sizes right now, so I don’t have a LOT in my closet that fits. I DO , however, have some events that I hope to get to this fall. SO… at the Historic Interpretations garb exchange last weekend, I picked up this …

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Jul 29

This is what happens when we don’t do a toile!


Making progress on the blue rapier armor…. first test run, and overall it’s fine.  However, the sleeve caps got torqued forward an inch, which is going to drive me batty – but I’d have to take the whole damn thing apart to fix it, and I don’t think I’m going to. Other fixes: the breeches …

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Jul 27

Blue linen rapier armor – progress!


My husband and I are semi-active in the Society for Creative Anachronism – hence, all the funny clothes!  He is a rapier fighter, and has been after me to make him a new rapier suit for years.  Literally, years. I had some free time this June, so he’s finally getting his new suit!  This was …

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Apr 29

IRCC – Post 2

12 - 1 (2)

Bodice is moving along.  I got the fashion fabric sewn to the lining, flipped, and side seams basted together.  Right now the eyelets aren’t done – I just teased my lacing ribbon through with an awl to see if I was on the right track.  Overall, it’s a good fit  – the bust/underbust are supported. …

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Apr 28

IRCC – Post 1

12 - 4

This year, I’m participating in the Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge – primarily to get myself out of my sewing rut.  (Well, my sewing-for-myself rut.) Project:  Anyone who has spent any time talking with me about Renaissance clothing knows that I don’t DO fancy-schmancy stuff.  I feel silly wearing it –it feels awkward and just too MUCH.  …

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Apr 22

16th c. blackwork coif – complete!


Blog entries discussing this project can be found here, here, here, and here. The Pattern:  Embroidered coifs were popular in England in the 16th and early 17th centuries – and it was common for women to purchase patterns or have a pattern traced out for them, so they could do their own embroidery.  Keeping with …

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