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Feb 18

‘Into the Woods’ – sneak peek!

Witch - Photo by Jessica Becker

I’m still waiting for the production photos to be posted – but one of our student actors took this AMAZING photo of our Witch at first dress, and I just had to share! The director wanted the Witch to be “scary”.  Rather than going with a traditional “Halloween” witch with a prosthetic, warty nose, I …

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Feb 02

‘Happiness’, a Cinderella Story


Well, it’s not an exact reproduction – but it’s definitely inspired by Happiness! This was constructed for the character of Cinderella in a local production of ‘Into the Woods’.  Rather than go traditional Renaissance-esque fairy tale, I decided to give the Royal Family  a vaguely Edwardian/Victorian look.  (I MIGHT have just finished a giant ‘Downton …

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Nov 21

Alice in Wonderland – Queen of Hearts


I feel like I’ve lived in Wonderland the past month or so – NCSU has been furiously working on a production of ‘Alice in Wonderland’.  Besides our wonderful student actors, it features puppets, projections, and some amazing costume pieces.  More detail later, but here’s the gown I designed and built for the Queen of Hearts …

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