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May 11

15th c. Italian Gown in the style of Ghirlandaio


I‘ve been working on this dress for the past year or so – and I’m fairly pleased with how it came out. (Old dress updates here and here.) Yeah, I’m lame and forgot to get someone to take my picture, so you get some crappy mirror photos and a picture of me taking a nap …

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Apr 29

IRCC – Post 2

12 - 1 (2)

Bodice is moving along.  I got the fashion fabric sewn to the lining, flipped, and side seams basted together.  Right now the eyelets aren’t done – I just teased my lacing ribbon through with an awl to see if I was on the right track.  Overall, it’s a good fit  – the bust/underbust are supported. …

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Apr 28

IRCC – Post 1

12 - 4

This year, I’m participating in the Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge – primarily to get myself out of my sewing rut.  (Well, my sewing-for-myself rut.) Project:  Anyone who has spent any time talking with me about Renaissance clothing knows that I don’t DO fancy-schmancy stuff.  I feel silly wearing it –it feels awkward and just too MUCH.  …

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Feb 11

Atlantian Twelfth Night, 2012

Photo by  Bill Frazer (Baron Bardulf)

Last month, Himself and I went to Atlantia’s Twelfth Night, hosted by our very own Windmaster’s Hill.  It was a beautiful day – we didn’t have anything special planned out, so we spent the day wandering around and chatting with friends.  Baron Bardulf was taking photos, so we took time to have our picture taken. …

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