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Jul 05

Vintage enamel topped table!


I am so ridiculously excited about this table, I can’t EVEN (as the kids say). I’ve been on a fix-it-up kick in our house this year – we’ve lived here for 10 years, so I figured it was time to start decorating. I bought this table on Craigslist, and couldn’t be happier with it. Eventually …

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Apr 14

New ‘Effigy’ corset – 16th c. pair of bodies


It has been at least five years (ack!) since I made my first late 16th c. pair of bodies, and it was time for an update for a number of reasons.  I love that pair of bodies – but it’s a bit too small for me now, and the silk – although pretty – doesn’t …

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Feb 24

16th c. Fitted Jacket

SCA Beautiful blackwork coif 2 small

late 16th c. embroidered silk jacket.  Done in commercially embroidered pink silk, lined in brown linen.  I did a chain stitch along the seamlines for a nice contrast.  Done as a proof-of-concept for the pattern – I have some wonderful redwork silk that will be a jacket at SOME point. My pattern needs a bit …

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Dec 25

Stop Kiss – Final Production Photos – April 2013


‘Stop Kiss’ – William Peace University Theatre – April 2013 written by: Diana Son Directed by: Kenny Gannon Costume Design: Laura J. Parker Lighting Design: Jennifer Becker Set Design: Sonya Drum Technical Director: David Jensen     TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Mar 01

‘Alice in Wonderland’ – November, 2012


‘Alice in Wonderland’ – North Carolina State University, November, 2012 Adapted and Directed by: Jayme Mellema.  Costume Design:  Laura Parker, Em Rossi, John McIlwee, and Maggie Briggs.  Lighting Design: Joshua Reeves.  Set Design: Jayme Mellema. ‘Alice’ was like no other show I’ve ever worked on – the sheer amount of artistry and creativity that took …

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Feb 22

Godspell – Final Production Photos


Godspell – William Peace University – October, 2012 Director: Kenny Gannon.  Costume Design:  Laura Parker.  Set Design: Sonya Drum.  Lighting Design: Jenni Becker.  Sound Design: Stevan Dupor. Everyday people, finding community – that was the concept behind the costume design for William Peace University’s production of ‘Godspell’.  The set, designed by Sonya Drum, was based …

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Feb 01

Tutorial: How to do a rolled hem by hand


One of the most challenging, frustrating fabrics to work with (at least, for ME) is chiffon.  Over the years I’ve learned various tips and tricks to working with it – some quick and dirty (machined hems!), and some time-consuming, but beautiful.  One of the prettiest techniques is doing a rolled hem by hand.  It’s a little …

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Nov 30

“Tudor Tailor” kirtle – progress!


Our little SCA household’s weekly A&S evenings took a hiatus over the summer.  We decided that enough was enough – and we have started getting together on a more regular basis again, which is lovely!  Both because I get to spend time with some of my favorite ladies in the world, AND because it really …

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Nov 21

Alice in Wonderland – Queen of Hearts


I feel like I’ve lived in Wonderland the past month or so – NCSU has been furiously working on a production of ‘Alice in Wonderland’.  Besides our wonderful student actors, it features puppets, projections, and some amazing costume pieces.  More detail later, but here’s the gown I designed and built for the Queen of Hearts …

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Oct 01

Circle/Mirror/Transformation – William Peace University – September 2012

Lauren, Marty, Schultz

‘Circle, Mirror, Transformation’ – William Peace University – September, 2012 Directed by: Kenny Gannon.  Costume Design: Laura Parker.  Lighting Design: Jenni Becker.  Set Design: Sonya Drum. WPU’s production of ‘Circle, Mirror, Transformation’ was a truly intimate experience for the audience – chairs set up directly on stage, with the actors mere inches away and mirrors …

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