May 04

‘The Arabian Nights’ – North Carolina State University

‘The Arabian Nights’ – adapted by Mary Zimmerman.  Presented by NCSU University Theatre, April 2012

Director: Allison Bergman.  Scenic Design: Jayme Mellema.  Lighting Design: Joshua Reaves.  Technical Director: David Jensen.

Costume Design: Laura Parker.  Hair & Makeup Design: John McIlwee.

Reviewed in the Independent Weekly – April 18, 2012.

Arabian Nights - Women's Ensemble. Note: the brown outfit in the middle was cut, when the vendor neglected to send the top we ordered for it. It was replaced with the white ghawazee coat in the production photos.

Arabian Nights - Men's ensemble

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  1. Jill

    I’ve been following you (and those 1930s frocks) for a while on We Sew Retro. Your costumes are amazing. I’m sending you a Liebster Blogger award. More details are on my blog!

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